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CuisiNoon Pancake pan - Premium

CuisiNoon Pancake pan - Premium

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With this cast iron Basic Poffertjes pan from CuisiNoon you can make the most delicious poffertjes for the whole family from the comfort of your own home. Ideal for hosting a birthday party for the kids. In addition, the poffertjes pan set comes with a poffertjes fork, baking brush, dosing bottle, 2 silicone gloves and the CuisiNoon Poffertjes Recipes E-book. The basic items you need to become the poffertjes chef at home for a very attractive price! With the high-quality material, flat bottom and non-stick coating of this poffertjes pan, you can make poffertjes yourself on any type of heat source, so that adhesive residues are a thing of the past. That makes a difference to the dishes!

Become the poffertjes chef at home for the whole family with this complete package
With this poffertjes pan and all the extras for the kitchen that you get to be a professional chef everyone will come in time to enjoy your homemade poffertjes. Because there are 19 holes in the pan, 1 or 2 portions can be made per round, this is personal. This way you have the tastiest poffertjes on the table in just a few minutes!

The basic set to easily make the tastiest poffertjes!
With this premium poffertjes pan set you receive all the necessary extras so that you as a chef can make the most delicious poffertjes for the family. For example, the package contains a baking brush to grease the pan well before baking. You also get a poffertjes fork to turn the poffertjes during baking in a quick but careful way. Finally, with your purchase you will receive a FREE e-book with various batter recipes with which you can experiment yourself and play the master chef!

No adhesive residues thanks to special coating
Thanks to the high-quality material and the layer of pre-seasoned olive oil with which the pan is greased, adhesive residues are a thing of the past. This way you can bake poffertjes without sticking residue on the pan during or after washing. To maintain the non-stick coating, you can grease the pan with the included baking brush before baking. In this way you can continue to make the best poffertjes in a sustainable way.

Suitable for any type of heat source
The material of the poffertjes pan is of such quality that it is suitable for any type of heat source. You can make poffertjes on a gas stove, electric stove, induction plate and even in the oven! This gives you flexibility in the choice of heat source and you can also take the pan to friends or grandparents to surprise them with your homemade poffertjes!

When you clean the poffertjes pan after use, make sure that it has cooled down well, if necessary with cold water. The poffertjes pan can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, for durable use and keeping the pan in good condition it is strongly recommended to wash the cast iron by hand. Use lukewarm water and a soft sponge or brush, no detergent is needed.Grease the poffertjes pan after cleaning and drying and just before the next use with a layer of (olive) oil so that it remains in optimal condition!

The Pluses of CuisiNoon:
✅ Become the chef for the most delicious poffertjes at home;
✅Make no less than 19 poffertjes per baking round;
Including a baking brush, poffertjes fork, dosing bottle, 2 silicone baking gloves and FREE E-book with exotic special poffertjes recipes as BONUS;
✅You will receive the E-book with recipes in both Dutch and English, so also very suitable to give as a gift to a foreign friend;
✅No sticky residue thanks to the non-stick coating ;
✅Suitable for any type of heat source thanks to the flat bottom;
✅Easy to store thanks to compact design;
✅The tastiest poffertjes on the table in just a few minutes;
✅Easy to clean and to maintain;

Have an appetite after reading this post? Don't wait any longer, order the poffertjes pan today and surprise the family yourself with the most delicious poffertjes made in-house! Enjoy❤️

Product specifications:

Brand: CuisiNoon

Color: Black;

Shape: Round;

Metal type: Sturdy Cast Iron;

With Lid: No;

Material: Cast iron;

Type Bottom: Flat Bottom;

Suitable for type of heat source: Gas, Electric, Induction, Oven, Ceramic

Microwave safe: No

Dishwasher safe: Yes, but it is recommended to wash by hand, because the power can differ per dishwasher;

Dimensions and weight of product:

  • Product Length: 24 cm (including length of ears on the side: 5 cm)
  • Product width: 24 cm
  • Product Height: 1,5 cm
  • Weight: 2280 Grams
  • Content: 0 Liter

Dimensions and weight of product including packaging:

  • Product Length: 25 cm (including length of ears on the side: 5 cm)
  • Product width: 24.5 cm
  • Product Height: 2,8 cm
  • Weight: 2576 Grams
  • Content: 0 Liter


  • CE/EU;
  • CIQ;
  • FGB,


Height :

Length :

Width :

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